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by Katja Koevoet on LinkedIn

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Through my Blog I take you into my creative world.
In this way I hope to be able to inspire, touch and interest you with my story and my exclusive unique Photographic digital paintings.
Have you experienced something drastic and would you like me to portray that in a unique artwork especially for you, just like I did with facing it but from your own memories and photo images? let me know, I would like to create something unique for you, something that gives you that beautifully back from that memory.

Are you interested?
Call me on +31 (6) 18777788 or send an email: Katsphotoart@outlook.com and I will contact you as soon as possible without obligation.


-The inspiration for Kats Original 'Facing it'- Divorcing, on Mother's Day, separated by communication failure: It can feel and seem that your world is collapsing for a moment - It is thunder on all sides. Instead of that I froze not knowing what to do I went out with my digital camera. It was the month of May, I drove to the tulip fields away from everything. All tulips were in bloom at that time. I took some pictures and felt how much the beautiful sight did to me. At the same time, I had to make sure that I would not pass on all my horrible feelings, my shock, anger, sadness, and disbelief to my son. Thoughts like: how this could happen, how my husband could do this, to my son and me, how he could do it to both of us and then even worse on Mother's Day. I decided that even though all these feelings were passing by, that I was not going to destroy how beautiful it once was, therefore I knew I was going to create something beautiful out of it anyway. I felt that this divorce was not allowed to destroy everything. Because of what once was, because of our son and because of the future.   I quietly went in the evening, when my son was sleeping and everything was quiet at home, to my PC and sat in front of my PC screen. From the photos of these tulip fields I wanted to create an artwork and that's how it happened. I created my Kats Original: 'Facing it'. A work of art with a message. Divorce is not what you think of when you get married, nor when you decide to have a baby together. No, divorce is terrible and everything you didn't want, at least that's how it felt at the time. It is terrible, it is a painful break. But despite everything, I realized at that moment that you don't have to destroy it all. And that divorce is also not for nothing, even if it is the last thing you consider when you get married. It was once beautiful and good and a great son was born. If I did not want to lose myself in disbelief and pain, sorrowing anger, I had to do this. For myself for my son for my now so ex-husband and actually it would be my message someday to anyone who is going through this situation or maybe going through it. Only now I realize that. It was certainly not an easy period. Nevertheless, I now realize that it was also a great gift on Mother's Day. Because the last years of our marriage had not been pleasant. So somewhere on this Mother's Day, there was room for beautiful new things. That is how Katsphotoart was born, Katsphotoart and a new life with opportunities and possibilities. To be really who I am and therefore also a better person and a better mother, I learned that you can create something from every situation in every moment. With my Kats Original 'Facing it' I really wanted to comfort myself at the time. I also think I wanted to make sure that the negative of the divorce would not predominate. It is also a message for my/our son. That you should never forget whatever happened, but you have to continue and also cherish. I hope that people experiencing this situation can draw strength and insight from my Kats Original 'Facing it.'   What do you actually see when you look at my Kats Original 'Facing it'? I actually prefer to leave that up to you. Because art is what it does to you, what it evokes in yourself or not because it is possible. You may see what you want in it. Everything that it does for you may or may not be good. Yet in this case, now that you know how this came about, I think it will add something if I tell you what it is. This work of art originated from a photo of a tulip field. A heart filled with these colorful tulips, filled with love, made on a day with thunder and grief, a broken heart, but the break not completely through. That stands for the memory and the connection that we will keep forever through our son. Yes and then two faces that keep looking at each other because it was once beautiful and because we all had to go on.   I hope it will help, support and empower people or that you simply enjoy it because it is also a very colorful and expressive work of art. And yes maybe some people see more in it and yes that may be true, some people told me they also see a womb in it. I confess, that can be true. It could stand for the early pregnancies, before my son was born and which unfortunately ended too early and which I therefore cherish as a beautiful memory. Life, Like these tulips, So beautiful, And so complex… Facing it


Like these tulips,
So beautiful,
And so complex…. Facing it

Are you going to divorce yourself or are you already divorced, then I hope that you benefit from my story and my blog or that you can draw something from my Kats Original 'Facing it'

if you still need more help with this because you can't get it out and would really like to do it right, then take a look at the following Facebook page: 'Gezagsdelers' of Van Aline van de Haar, she can give you very good advice and help you on your way .

Have you been touched by my story or my art?

Does my fotoKunst interest you?
-Is it slightly different than what you're used to?
- Do you ever want to know who I am and what else I do and create?
-Do you want to know what I could create for you?

Maybe through my art I can mean something for yourself or something for your company.

Please let me know!
Make an appointment for an introductory meeting, without obligation, then we will discuss all possibilities and I will guide you through my art with enthusiasm and passion.

#Let's Create, Kat


Opgeven is geen optie! - Doorzetten wel!

Have you ever been very ill yourself, are you still sick ?, Do you know people who were very ill? Whether they are still sick or chronically ill?
Does it feel like everyone wants something from you and you actually want to be there for everyone?
Do you forget yourself and have no idea how you are going to keep it up?
Do you feel burned out and exhausted?
Or does your physical illness increasingly deplete you, also mentally?
You go on, because you don't want people to find you pathetic or weak.
Have you moved and have you been looking at bare walls for ages, homesick for your old place?
Are you sitting in a management room that is meaningless, that doesn't tell you anything about your business philosophy or what your company actually stands for?
Do people have no idea what the business philosophy of your company is?
Do you wish it were different, but you don't know how to handle it?
Have you moved, but have no idea what you would like in your new home on the wall?
Are you homesick?
Have you lost someone because of divorce, illness or death and do you want something tangible, something to cherish but you have no idea what?


For me
That is why, after my divorce and a major debilitating illness, I looked for a way to more balance. To more peace this is how I learned to listen to my innervoice.
At the same time I learned to discover my strengths and to partly find them back that actually always existed.
This created space for creating beautiful art and creating new possibilities.
In a way that was within my reach with my illness and disabilities at that time.

So I found and find my way with lots and lots of falls and getting up and going again.
In this way I gradually create 'My Work-able World of Art': Katsphotoart.

I am reaching out into a world in which I am guided by everything I experience and I use all this in my art, always taking into account my energy and my balance and the wishes of the customer. Because of this I can make the most beautiful things for the most beautiful people nowadays and I am fully alive with passion and dosed energy.

In this way my battery can also recharge in the meantime if my illness or whatever tries to break down on me again. Do you think now, this is what touches me, maybe this inspires you? Would you like to know more about "me" and "my" story in art?

How do I create an ideal world in spite of illness and setbacks and despite so much against?
Then take a look at my creative World, get inspired and take advantage of it yourself.
You too can do this if you create peace and space to discover your own possibilities and give them a chance. Everything within your own limitations whatever that may be.

My wish is to show through my art, my passion, my perseverance and my knowledge about how difficult it can be, that at the same time everything is still possible. I want to inspire people to help with beautiful art. Unique Art that they will enjoy for years, whether it is because they like and buy my art or only because they get inspired and find their own way.

So: I would love it if I could inspire you too.

The following applies to me: I discovered that my passion for photography and painting might be the way to set up my life in such a way that ultimately the sky is the limit for me again. I have been there too and far and deeply, but there are ways, despite illness, setback, limitations, to be burned out, to find your way and from your true self to follow and use your passions so that you can find the way or way discovered who works for you and makes you happy.

With illness, limitations, sadness there is always a way forward, if you know how to follow your feelings, dare to stay true to yourself, discover your passion and if you learn to guard your limits, you learn to accept your limitations instead of wanting to keep fighting against it, instead of embracing what you can still do, creating rest to be able to recover, learning to relax, so that you can recharge your battery on time.

With passionate regards, Kat

- Do you ever want to know who I am and what else I do and create?
-Do you want to know what I could create for you?

Maybe through my art I can mean something for yourself or something for your company.

I'd like to hear it from you!
Make an appointment for an introductory meeting, without obligation, then we will discuss all possibilities and I will guide you through my art with enthusiasm and passion.

Let's Create, Kat