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Art created out of photographs of children's drawings

by Katja Koevoet

-The creating of KatsKidZart-

Art is as Natural as Sunshine and as Vital as Nourishment' MaryAnn F. Kohl

My 2-year-old daughter Robin inspired me to create the following KatsKidZart:
Hearts & Butterflies, a unique work of art of which there is only one in the whole world.
I created this artwork out of a children's drawing.
A white A4 sheet on which my little girl had drawn some ballpoint stripes.
She proudly presented it to me and told me that it was a work of art about our love
with hearts and butterflies.
This made me think and that's how KatsKidZart came about:
'Art' that touches the child within yourself and thus also 'returns' something to the child that has 'lost' something.
In that way, KatsKidZart is a Win-Win for everyone. A special and unique artwork created from 'A Kids view'.
A KatsKidZart symbolizes positivity, authenticity, belief, conviction and intense desire.
I am concerned about the well-being of children
who I think deserve to be their most beautiful selves at all times.
A KatsKidZart, which I create out of positivity will help many children on their way to be the most beautiful version of themselves.
To create a beautiful life ahead. Whether this is about, well-being, freedom, health, security, education, etc.
I want by a KatsKidZart; created from a child's drawing to show and let these children feel that they are always special.
That they have everything in them regardless of what happened to them and that they can achieve everything they want to.
'To create a difference in the world start with the children'.

If you want to see more KatsKidZart artworks, you can click this link to my KatsKidZart instagram page: Everyday I post my art on social media as Instagram, linkedIn Facebook, Click this link and you go directly to my instagram page: KatsKidZart
Instagram: KatsKidZart

Interview about KatsKidZart in the newspaper, November 2019, Noordholland Dagblad, by Michiel Snik:

  • Exclusieve expositie Hoornse Katja Koevoet als start project om kwetsbare kinderen te helpen

  • Hearts and Butterflies

    A love, Certified Fine Art in edition of 1/1

    Hearts and Butterflies

    Hearts and Butterflies, Certified Fine Art in edition of 1/1

    WORK of ART directly 'AVAILABLE for SALE'

    There's only 'ONE' in the 'WORLD' Kats Original 'Hearts and Butterflies' Certified Fine Photoart 70x70 cm limited ed.1/1. By Katja Koevoet Certified Fine PhotoArtwork er is er maar 1 ter wereld, met officieel Art Giglee certificaat.